What is Blogging and How to Make Money from It?

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If you do a simple Google search, you will find lots of articles answering the question what is blogging and how to make money from it. Unfortunately though, you may never find specific steps on how to set up a blog successfully from the avalanche of articles.

What is blogging and how to make money from it

In this simple blogging guide, you will learn how to start your own business online and grow it from anywhere in the world using this priceless marketing platform. You can actually develop any business idea around a blog and continually make passive income online.

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How to Make Money Flipping Websites for Profit on the Internet

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I have published a lot of free articles on some online directories on how to make money flipping websites for profit on the internet. Also, my comprehensive website flipping guide has helped a number of online business owners to make money online. Starting an internet business and making money online is simple, cheap and fast if you know what to do and religiously follow it through.

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How to Make Money Online in 2014 and Beyond

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A lot of newbies and beginners alike don’t know how to make money online. They erroneously believe that to become rich on the internet one has to build a website and start asking people to buy their products and services. It is far beyond mere selling. There is more to making money online than meets the eye.

If you can understand the fundamentals of online marketing and selling and follow it through, I will guarantee you can make $1000 per month with ease. From my business ventures online, I am not given to flaunting screenshots of earnings. But to make you appreciate that making passive income online is possible, here is a screenshot of my PayPal account. I made $29.97 in one day from the sale of two ebooks which I published 2 years ago.

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